Digital Touchpoints - Jasons Secret Garden

Task: To drive day-to-day sales at Jasons Food & Living by distributing special offer coupons, using technology and marketing flair Client: Dairy Farm Group

‘Jasons Secret Garden’, inspired by the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon, demonstrates the power of connected experience solutions. The TV wall plays a variety of surreal animations featuring a magical garden design, rainbow, rabbits and more. Microsoft KINECT detects movement of customers who intuitively interact. When special offers appear, customers use their QR readers to ‘catch’ the barcodes and redeem discounts at checkout. Animations change throughout the day. Designercity provided the total solution – a HK first – from concept to implementation, including software and hardware design and installation. The hardware consists of 6 digital panels, 3 PCs + 3 Kinect PCs & centralised server.