HK Art Festival - Sa Ding Ding (AR)

Task: Augmented Reality Client: Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Limited

With the increasing popularity of camera-enabled phones, DesignerCity have brought AR (augmented reality) technology to arts marketing in Hong Kong. Working on behalf of the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the campaign promotes Sa Ding Ding, the world music diva, on her 2010 World Tour. Inside Sa Ding Ding’s album, Harmony, an AR marker (unique icon) is printed. Access the HKAF website, direct your webcam at the marker and you will see Sa Ding Ding’s stunning promotional video. Rotate the marker, and you connect to HK ticketing agencies for Ding Ding’s concerts. In addition to the CD inserts, the markers were printed in magazines, newspapers and on MTR billboards. Another example of how we operate at the convergence of the real and virtual worlds.