Toystate International

Task: Devise a kiosk that boosted club membership and engaged customers Client: Toystate International

Toystate International, the motorised toy manufacturer, needed a unique digital solution in order to attract foot traffic to their Shanghai ‘Motor Island Experience Store’ – and engage more kids in the excitement of their extreme racers and trucks. Designercity created a multi-function digital kiosk that extended brand engagement and added fun and interest to a store visit. To begin, kids are asked to register their names, phone numbers and emails. An ‘ID photo’ is taken, and then a barcoded ‘Motor Island’ ID card is printed out – featuring a portrait and unique membership ID. Kids use this card to log in to a variety of games – and highest scores are shown on the in-store scoreboard. Along with other club member benefits, highest scores data will soon be replicated on the Motor Island website, too.