IT Outsourcing

Roughly 20% of our 120 strong workforce are permanently working off-site in our clients’ offices. It’s not outsourcing in the conventional sense; in fact, it could equally be called ‘on-site insourcing.’ Whatever you call it, providing top quality professional IT and marketing services wherever they’re needed has never been more important.

A cost-effective solution

This is a growing trend, especially for enterprise-level clients who can find it less than cost-effective to assemble a multi-disciplinary digital team encompassing Consultants, Designers, Developers and Project Managers. The digital world is becoming increasingly complex and it’s hard to source specific skills – especially when mobile or digital kiosk projects are involved. With salaries rising in the digital job market, it’s difficult for companies to identify whether they get value from their internal resources. Outsourcing specific projects to specialists means that there’s a high chance goals will be successfully achieved – and timelines kept – at controllable prices. For CIOs and CMOs, it’s a solution that offers superior operational potential, flexibility and cost transparency.

High-class expertise

The expertise required puts this kind of service well beyond traditional ‘Secondment’ – Designercity’s teams not only do the operational work, they include Strategists, Consultants and PMs to manage the projects, reporting directly to clients. They appreciate the convenience of having a capable team on hand to troubleshoot, especially in the initial phases of a project when specific technical and integration challenges are difficult to foresee.

Major clients

Designercity currently has dedicated consultation and content management teams working in-house at these well-known organisations:

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