Financial Clients

Securities and Futures Commission InvestED Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong Monetary Authority - Online Learning Dah Sing Bank Chong Hing Bank
Bank Consortium Trust Cigna Worldwide

DesignerCity have the expertise and capacity to take on the multi-functional websites required by major financial services organisations. Not only that, but we have the capacity to simplify and demystify the financial world, making it more accessible. That’s why we have been selected to work for both local banks and international institutions.

On the macro level, the challenge for the SFC was to implement an ISO Standard CMS secure and reliable enough to deal with more than 10,000 pages of vital trading data.

On a smaller scale, our educational site for InvestEd is making finance as simple and safe as possible for new investors. In addition, we have helped Dah Sing Bank implement their online styling and also work for Chong Hing Bank.

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